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Welcome to Raizin Kane
Raizin Kane is an adult, friendly, and helpful guild with a semi-hardcore mentality. We run a 2 night raid team on Sunday and Monday evenings 9pm - 12am CST.

Raizin Kane's core is built upon experienced players that wanted to form a successful and enjoyable 2 night/week raiding team and maintain a high level of guild activity outside of raiding. We enjoy the full aspect that World of Warcraft has to offer, such as running Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons, in game achievements, mount/pet farming, and most importantly friendship!

Therefore, we are seeking members that are active players who enjoy playing at all times and not just log in and out for raids.

Those of you that don't raid or have family/friends that don't raid, but still want to play within the same guild, we have non-raider spots in the guild as well!

Since we only run progressive raids 2 nights a week (3 hours each), we are looking for raiders that will research the boss fights on their own (not take up valuable raid time to have the fights explained to them before each new attempt), that know their class & spec well in order to perform at the top of their spec's range, that are reliable, and most importantly are enjoyable to game with as a individual. These qualities help to maximize the efficiency, progression, and enjoyment in building and maintaining a raid team and well as the guild experience.

You are more than just a slot that needs filled!!

Monday, February 13, 2017
Gul'Dan Dies - Moving on to Heroic
Steady and smooth on the trigger as Raizin Kane targets Gul'Dan. Great job by all that have stayed with it and helped push the raid team thru Normal Nighthold. The team pushed to clear 8/10 the first night with a couple of attempts on Elisande after a late start, then tonight on our 2nd night of the raid week, we downed both Elisande and Gul'Dan. It's not always have to be about server firsts or being the fastest progression as much as it's about team work, putting in the time together and still getting results. For those looking for a team that has fun while progressing we are in need of additional healers (except druid) and dps (except Hunters/Paladins). Hit us up here or in game if interested! Again great job team!
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Cleared 8/10 - Botanist Downed
It was a shortened raid weekend due to Super Bowl Sunday. However, we still managed to to clear a new boss and downed Botanist in just 2 total attempts. Thank you for all that have stuck with us as we continue to progress and rebuild. We aren't break neck speed, but we are plugging well and have fun doing it! Congrats to all on their tier set pieces!
Monday, January 23, 2017
Raizin Kane Progresses Thru Nighthold
This evening the Raizin Kane raid team entered Nighthold for our first run and went 7/10 normal mode. Looking at the logs for Skorp was great to see almost all our members hitting in the 95% range of efficiency and some even hitting the top 20 overall on normal Skorp! Great job everyone. We want to thank the members of Phantom in joining us as we pursue our cross realm group for a potential merge for Mythic. The chemistry was great and the atmosphere electric as we rocked thru the instance. Can't wait to clear it all next week. Well done all!
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